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Bill Thomas started photography way back in high school shooting on 35mm film in black & white. "I always loved being behind the camera and snapping away at everything that I put in front of my camera." In 2001 Bill wanted to do more with his photography, and that's when his hobby became a his passion. "Over the years I've continued taking photographs of anything I could, it really became my passion for what I wanted to do." Bill has worked with hundreds of couples and photographed over a hundred weddings. "Weddings are always super fun to capture and each one is completely different than the next. That's what I love about my job, it's always a different day." 

Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph. Getting to spend time with the two most important people of the day while capturing their laughs, tears and love for each other in a short amount of time is priceless!

I also enjoy capturing the smiles of families, children and snapping some super cute baby photographs. 

"Photography is a never ending learning experience, it keeps things interesting and on your toes. I have worked many different jobs in my life time, I've liked some, and hated some. Very few people can say they love what they do, I can finally say I love what I do!"  

Bill is up for any event, managing each one with the passion and experience his clients have come to expect.

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